Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where should I Start

Here's my story. I started building boats about two and a half years ago after building furniture and whatnot for most of my life. I had always wanted to build a kayak, so that was the first one. I build a Wood Duck 12 from plans only (I refuse to use kits) This turned out great and so My wife insisted I build a hybrid version for her. At that time one of my daughters decided to have another child.

This led me to build a Baby Tender cradle (designed by Jordan Wood Boats) again from plans only. I now have experience in Stitch and Glue, Strip built, and Lapstrake style boat building.  My mother liked all the boats so much that I decided I would build her a rowboat/sailboat of here very own. She missed going out on the lake that she lives on ever since my father passed away and this would get her back out there.
I hope to be able to post a complete step by step of my building of the Iian Oughtred Auk/ Acorn dingy for others like myself that enjoy following along with the boat building process.

Follow me and tell me your thoughts and ideas for making this blog and Moms boat a success.

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